Why Your Collagen Supplement Isn’t Working


Spot any of these possible culprits in your routine? 

Have you ever wondered why collagen supplements seem to be working on others but not you? As incredible of an ingredient as it is, it's not invincible. Some external factors can play into its level of efficacy. 

But worry not if it hasn't been working as well for you because you might still be able to change that with these answers. We ask our resident Pharma, Jessy, to break down some reasons hindering your collagen supplement to work its magic on you. Scroll below to see what she has to say:

1. Regular Sun Exposure

First things first, Jessy says that "regular sun exposure can damage your skin and damaged skin needs more collagen to heal" so keep that in mind when you're looking for reasons why your collagen supplement may not be showing results right away. Try not to be under the sun for an extended period of time and of course, wear sunscreen every day!


2. Poor lifestyle habits

You probably already know this but the lifestyle choices you make will also affect your body so vices may also be the reason your collagen supplement isn't performing well. According to our in-house pro, "If you are drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, collagen supplements may take a longer to show noticeable effects" so cutting back on these may help significantly not just with the collagen's success but your overall health too.


3. Poor Dietary Choices

Diet plays a big part in your supplement intake too! Remember, you still have to get your nutrients and vitamins primarily from the food you consume. Jessy shares that "sweets and fatty foods can slow down the production of collagen" so it's still best to keep an extra eye on what you eat! 


4. Lack of Sleep

Even though we advise you to drink your Ultra Collagen Drink before you sleep, you still have to help yourself catch some z's! Jessy says that the results of staying up late can affect the collagen's effects too! She shares, "It can cause fatigue that may result in slow production of collagen". If you're having trouble falling asleep you might find these three tips helpful! 


5. Lack of effective skincare

You don't really have to choose between your skincare and your supplement! You can have the best of both worlds and even boost both's effectiveness when you use them together. "Collagen supplements will work faster if your skin is already in good condition. Having a skincare regimen on top of taking collagen supplements daily will boost your collagen."