Do These Before Bed To Get Better Sleep


Having trouble sleeping?

Ah, sleep—something so simple yet so unattainable at times. It should be an easy enough task for us humans to do because we are programmed to sleep after all but for some reason, sometimes, it can feel almost like a task. 

It can be very frustrating when all you want to do is rest your body and mind but you can't. There can be a lot of reasons for your sleep deprivation and while it can be different for everyone, if counting sheeps just won't cut it, then maybe these three simple tips can help you! 

Check them out:

No gadgets. 

We both know saying that you're just using your phone to "make you sleepy" is a lie. Admit it or not, your phone is only distracting you from getting a proper shut eye. Because even mindless scrolling on social media does keep your mind awake and will only keep you up longer. Cutting off your device usage 30 minutes or even an hour before your bedtime and putting it somewhere you can’t reach it (and actually leaving it there!) will help keep your mind off of it.


If there’s anything on your mind that’s bothering or worrying you and you can’t seem to make your mind stop thinking, write them down—preferably on a notebook as opposed to a gadget—so you can place them somewhere besides your mind. You can try listing down 5 simple things that made you happy that day like eating a really good sandwich or someone complimenting your hair to end the day on a happy note!

Take collagen before bed.

Collagen's superpowers aren't only applicable to your beauty needs. It is also exceptionally rich in a protein called glycine, which has been linked to improving sleep! So before sleeping tonight, drink a bottle of the Ultra Collagen Drink to help you a good night’s rest!