5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas This Quarantine


We’ve had a lot of firsts during this quarantine— first quarantine birthday, first quarantine Christmas, first quarantine New Year. Now, we’re approaching another first: quarantine Valentine’s. Which poses the question: how? Just how does one make make a holiday that’s traditionally both all about pulling out all the stops and intimacy workin our set up?

But then again, we’re pretty creative. We’ve been thrown a lot of things last year that we had to overcome anyway so Valentine’s should be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, let’s talk gifts. If you’re not quarantining with your loved ones, then you probably already know that thoughtful ayudas are the new hot way of showing someone that they’re in your thoughts. So we’ve come up with five The Diet Coach-approved gift ideas that will definitely make you and your S.O. (or anyone you wish to show love to this heart’s day, really) feel like love is in the air. Check them out:


 1. Locally-made Statement Face Mask

If there’s anything we learned in 2020, it’s that health should be a top priority. Maybe a few years ago, or even just in 2019, it might’ve been weird to give someone a mask for a V-day gift but such is the life of the new normal. But also, giving face masks as a gift these days says, “I care about you and want you to be healthy”. That’s sweet in my book. Spice it up with intricate designs from this Davao-based brand, NIñoFRANCO. Their masks are, of course, locally and individually hand-made by skilled weavers. It’s like wearing a piece of art on your face, while being responsible in this pandemic. Besides, nothing says romance like thinking of each other’s health and supporting small businesses together. That’s how you know you’ve got a keeper.

Price: P449


2. A Dateless Planner

Okay, here me out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that owning a planner last year was somewhat of a waste as the pandemic turned our world upside down. All our plans got thrown out of the window and we had to make new plans indoors. So unless you made your planner into a makeshift journal, then your dated planner for the year 2020 was probably useless. But this is where the Everyday planner is different— their planners aren’t dated. So if you’re loved is one of those people who only start writing at the beginning of the year (I’m personally guilty of this, LOL), you can extend the lifespan of the planner well into next year. It’s only February and you can save your partner the trouble of looking for a planner to keep them motivated this year with this gift. It’s a practical gift and they come in a lot of delicious, fruity pebble-looking colors.

Price: P750


3. A book from this cool curated bookstore

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But with Omniana, you should definitely do just that. In a digitally-dominated word, this book shop is bringing back the love affair you had with physical books with their top notch curation. This specialty bookshop provides classics and other contemporary must-reads in their most coveted and eye-catching cover editions. Just pick a book in their carefully-selected selections then it can be delivered straight to your loved one. Whether or not the receiver is a bookworm or not, this gift will be very much treasured.

Price: starts at P860


4. A Chocolate Heart You Can Smash

Look, we had a lot of pent up anger from last year. Whether it was the pandemic that turned our life topsy-turvey or all the social issues we all fought one way or another, last year was a lot. So a little cooling off is justified. With that said, you and your partner will surely have a heart-pounding Valentine’s with this gift idea! And I mean literally. This cute heart of chocolates from By Madame Rose will be delivered to you in a large heart-shaped box with a little hammer on the side. You can smash it to your heart’s content and then you’ll find some crowd-favorite brands of candies and chocolates inside, waiting to be devoured. And did I mention the heart itself is edible too? That’s right. Your partner will definitely thank you for the fun experience! But if you want some unsolicited advice, get your partner one and then get yourself one too. Then you can Zoom each other while taking a crack at it— see who’s got more fire sign placements. It’ll be a different kind of heart breaking if you will (pun very much intended).

Price: P899


5. Glow in a Bottle

Turning a 180 on this one but if you’re loved one isn’t into a box of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers, then why not give them a box of glow instead? Send skincare their way for a change! Try The Diet Coach’s Ultra Collagen Drink box if you’re not sure what kind of skincare to give. The beauty of it is, it actually fits anyone you want to show love to this Valentine’s. Your partner? Box of Collagen. Your mom? Box of Collagen. Your guy who loves skincare? Box of Collagen. Your girl friend who you love and support? Box of Collagen. The person you should love most, a.k.a. you? Two boxes of collagen. Of course, you get an extra one— cuz you’re pretty special. The Diet Coach’s Ultra Collagen Drink has 10,000mg of fish collagen that’s sure to give you plump and hydrated skin. It’s a gift-worthy item all-year round honestly. Everyone deserves a little bit of glow every day!

Price: P999 / Ultra Collagen Drink (Box of 8) ; P110 / Ultra Collagen Drink