5 Tips to Avoid Hair fall


Is hair fall getting you down?

Let’s talk hair. If you’ve been noticing that your hair has been thinning or the amount of hair that gets left in your shower or brush is more than what you’re comfortable with, then you might have to make some changes. There are a number of reasons why hair fall occurs— be it genetics or just bad hair habits that cause hair to weaken overtime. But don’t worry because we’re here to help! We’re not saying you need to suddenly radically change your routine; sometimes, the small changes can be just as effective. 

From adding helpful ingredients to your diet to showering habits to break, here are some tips to help you out!


1. Avoid high heat styling tools.

Hair styling tools are a great arsenal in your beauty routine. But using them every day may be making your hair weak and prone to breakage. So only bust them out from time to time and remember to use a heat protectant beforehand.


2. Try not to comb your hair harshly, especially when it’s wet.

Detangling knots from your hair may make you wanna comb through harder but you might be unintentionally pulling out your hair in the process. Be especially mindful of this after you’ve taken a shower as that’s when your hair’s the most fragile. Lesson: be gentle!

3. Take breaks in between coloring and/or bleaching your hair.

As fun as it is to change up your hair color every now and then, the chemicals in hair colors and bleaching agents can cause serious damage and breakage that can lead to hair loss. So you feel like your hair needs a breather, better to sport your natural hair color for a bit.

4. Improve your diet.

Eating certain food can help in making your hair healthier. Go for fatty fish options like tuna or salmon which are rich in omega 3-s that’s been known to promote healthy hair. You can also add more eggs to your daily meals as it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Lastly, greens like kale and spinach can do wonders for preventing hair loss as they contain good stuff like vitamin A, Iron, and Vit C.

5. Put some collagen in your routine.

Including a collagen supplement can aid hair regrowth and can help prevent hair-thinning! It also helps in regeneration as it is a natural oxidant so along with taking care of your hair externally, this will help you repair from the inside out. Get your daily dose of collagen with the Ultra Collagen Drink so you can say goodbye to hair fall and hello to healthier and thicker hair.