5 Things To Consider Before Taking A Collagen Supplement


Important things to remember!

So, you want to try a collagen supplement because you’ve heard of all the wonderful things it can do for you. But you might be curious: will it really work on you? Are all collagen supplements just the same? Is it for me? Well, we can help you with that. Here are just some important pointers we’d like to share with you if you wanna get on the collagen train!

Check them out:

Do your research.

As with anything you want to try, especially things that can have an effect on your body, it’s important to research, research, research. For example, you could be allergic to seafood and the Ultra Collagen Drink uses marine collagen so that’s why it might have a different effect on you. So, it’s better to learn everything you can before taking the plunge.

Get your vitamins and nutrients from food as much as possible.

There’s a reason why supplements are called supplements—they’re meant to just assist. You still have to take care of yourself and put in the work in all aspects. Avoid going to a point where it becomes your primary source of daily needed nutrients. Supplements can only do so much so don’t depend on it too much.

Always check with your doctor.

If you’re unsure about anything that has to do with health—whether it’s an ache you want to have checked or taking a new supplement, always consult with your doctor.

We have an ongoing series #AskTDCPharmacist where our in house licensed Pharmacist answer some of your tip of the iceberg questions but getting personalized advice from your physician will always be the best way to go.

Manage your expectations.

Don’t expect a miracle. Supplements won’t suddenly take all your problems away. Sometimes, you just have to give it time to work its magic on you. Be patient and like we said above, you gotta work on yourself too— like eat a balanced diet, exercise, and avoid putting toxins in your body.

Not all are made equal.

Always look for quality in your supplements. Because expensive doesn’t always mean quality, the same way that cheaping out and expecting results. You just have to find the sweet spot between the two and stick to something that works for you. Don’t be afraid to mix it up to really find what suits you best.