5 Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin C


Experiencing any of these?

Vitamin C deficiency is a very real thing and you might not even realize that you have it. It’s very serious and might be the reason for some of the things that might be bothering you. It manifests in a lot of ways and you may be more immune to it if you have a history of poor diet, no exercise, and if you drink and smoke frequently.

With that, here are some signs that your body is telling you that it’s in the mood for some more Vitamin C.

1. Poor immunity

One of the first things we’re told about vitamins even as kids is that Vit C is a must. It helps you fight colds and make you less likely to be immune to infections and other serious illnesses. Because of its powerful antioxidant properties, it can enhance your immunity and keep it in tip top shape.


2. Rough bumpy skin

Vitamin C helps in the formation of Collagen in your body so when you’re low on the C, it can disrupt that and may result in a number of things like swollen joints, and yes, in some cases, rough bumpy skin. So watch out for this and increase your vitamin c to help your skin smoothen.


3. Dry skin

Continuing with the skin signs, dry and damaged skin can also be manifestations of the lack of vitamin c. When you have enough in your body, it helps you have better skin quality because it is a potent antioxidant. So if you’re experiencing dryness, a topical solution like a moisturizing lotion may not be enough! Continued intake of vitamin c may be the solution to fixing it.


4. Iron deficiency

Vitamin C can actually help your body to absorb iron. It helps with micronutrient absorption so drinking it together with your iron supplement can be ideal to keep your iron levels in check.


5. Fatigue and Poor Mood

If for the life of you you can’t figure out why you’ve been irritable and just not feeling your best self, it can of course be due to a number of reasons but start with popping a vitamin C tablet to try and improve things. It’s an easy fix and if that doesn’t work out, then you can start exploring other causes!

How to deal with it

Now before you get scurvy, do these simple steps to increase your body’s vitamin c. Eat more food that are high in vitamin c. You can try slipping in red bell peppers, broccoli, and of course, fruits like orange, lemon, and kiwi to name a few. Another easy solution is to take a Vit C supplement every day. This simple step can help a lot. Our pick? The Diet Coach’s Glow Pop! of course. Not only does it give you 60mg of Vitamin C but it also has 6000mg of Collagen. These two ingredients work together to give you more powerful benefits in every tablet. But if we’re being honest, the vanilla-orange taste of these chewable tablets is enough to make us wanna take the vitamin every day, no problem!